April 25, 2023

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Villa in Tulum

It's no surprise that Tulum is one of the world's fastest-growing tourist destinations, according to recent statistics.

  • +68% increase in tourist influx in 2021 over 2020
  • 76% hotel occupancy in 2022
  • +65% population growth in the last 10 years

Apartments, condos, studios. In Tulum, there are many distinct places that you can call home. But for many buyers, the decision usually boils down to getting a high-end villa.

If you're here, it means you've decided that purchasing a villa in Tulum is the best option for you. However, it's possible that you're still unclear about the distinctions between apartments and villas and which one is best fit for you.

There are six important factors you must take into account before confirming or making your decision, regardless of whether you are certain that purchasing a villa is the most advantageous and pleasant method to invest your money in Tulum’s real estate.

1. Villas in Tulum offer greater investment returns.

Initially, Tulum was populated by budget vacationers and backpackers who couldn't afford to stay in Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

Fifteen years ago, there were only about a dozen hotels facing the ocean. Unpaved roads connected the town with the seaside strip.

However, with rising demand for luxury real estate over the past ten years, Tulum has distinguished itself as a more upscale destination than other Riviera Maya cities.

Tulum has a diverse range of properties available, so investors interested in the area will have plenty of options for where to spend their money.

Nevertheless, there aren't many options for a standalone family real estate offered right now.

There are residential lands with potential, but there are few actual projects of building villas.

If you have the financial means to purchase a villa, you will be ahead of the game by investing now in what will be Tulum's most promising real estate market in the coming years. A market that the current real estate supply does not yet fully serve.

As a result, independent and luxurious villas become wise investments with the potential for appreciation.Due to the greater prevalence of apartments compared to villas, the latter can guarantee a higher average ROI.

Given that some apartments in Tulum cost the same as a private villa, don't you think the villa is a better investment?

2. A villa reflects your lifestyle.

In contrast to most apartments, which have similar designs, a villa gives you the freedom to customize your living space.

Whether it is simple or sophisticated, it may be a reflection of your personality and style and a representation of your comfortable way of life.

When you purchase a villa, it's simple to modify a variety of features that raise the overall living standard.

Celebrities or public figures, for example, who frequently change the interiors to reflect changing trends and tastes, prefer to invest in villas because renovation is easier in an individual property due to the larger area and ownership.

Wealthy families who value their personal space and serenity away from the traffic and air pollution typically prefer villas.

Villas provide you the freedom to fumble about in your own garden, giving your kids and dogs a place to run around.

Regarding how you use your home, you are not required to answer to anyone (of course, within the bounds of the law).


3. No shared space.

There won't be any shared walls or entrances in a villa, and you'll have exclusive use of any decks or yards. Due to this, the majority of free standing villas are significantly more private than condos.

In comparison to apartment buildings, fewer individuals often share the common areas in villa communities.


4. Comfort, Privacy And Exclusivity.

A villa is the best option if you value your privacy and you want to be away from prying eyes.

Spend special moments together at a charming villa with wonderful interior and outdoor space while taking in the genuine living environment.

Comfort is particularly important if you work from home. Working remotely in a comfortable villa can boost productivity by helping you feel relaxed and minimizing stress. Working remotely from a villa can also give you peace and quiet, so you can work away from the people and traffic in the city. 

A villa can turn into a variety of spaces, including an office and a classroom, with many different activities going on at once.

Additionally, fewer individuals often share the common areas in a villa community than in an apartment complex.

5. A Well-Suited Community.

How would it feel to live among neighbors who value the finer things in life and who lead similar lifestyles? 

People who choose a villa are typically thought to be like-minded and to have identical goals.
As a result, if you choose a villa community, you can be sure that the other residents come from similar backgrounds, allowing you to socialize and keep a positive, healthy relationship with them.

6. Location.

The choice of the right location is extremely important in order to enjoy the benefits of living in a villa.

Apartment buildings are typically found in densely populated urban areas. On the other hand, families might have more privacy, security, and tranquility in huge villas that are frequently built outside of major cities.

The upcoming Selvazama in Tulum is one of the nicest areas in the Riviera Maya where you can find villa communities.

In the heart of Tulum, Selvazama proudly integrates mind-blowing local spirit, cutting-edge architecture and sustainable design, and a barefoot lifestyle in a vibrant community that cares deeply for nature, wants to educate to preserve and innovates to grow responsibly. 

Living in this area can feel like you're miles away from everything, but it's also close to everything you could wish for, including country clubs, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, retail shops, fitness centers, and, of course, beaches.

Enjoy the luxury of your private paradise with a villa in Tulum!