April 25, 2023

Invest in the Slow Living, invest in TULUM!

Your Wellness Lifestyle In Tulum

What do you think to find your wellness lifestyle in Tulum?

The Riviera Maya stretches 80 miles along the Mexican Caribbean coastline from Puerto Morelos to Tulum, including Playa del Carmen.

White sand, harmony with nature, meditation and outdoor activities, Mayan archaeological sites, sunny and hot days throughout the year.

Everything you need to enjoy a wellness lifestyle.

Everybody knows these stunning places because they have visited them on vacation, or because they saw pictures and videos on Instagram.

20 years ago, the Riviera Maya offered only accommodations in all-inclusive resorts with beachfront properties and small downtown hotels in Playa del Carmen.

But this was not Tulum’s market.

The pre-Columbian Mayan walled city was later transformed into one of the most fashionable locations in the world.

At first, backpackers and lower-budget travelers, who could not afford to pay for accommodations in Playa del Carmen (or Cancun), populated Tulum.

Fifteen years ago, there were only about a dozen hotels facing the ocean. The road that led from the town to the beachfront strip was unpaved.

But during the last 10 years, Tulum has become a more exclusive location compared to the other Riviera Maya places. With growing demand for luxury real estate.


Why Tulum Is So Exclusive?

Tulum has become Mexico’s trendiest holiday destination for wealthy hippies and hipsters over the years.

We can be summarized its success with three words: magic, paradise, and peace.

Spirituality, Caribbean landscaping, and chill out.

Throughout the two-mile road between the town, a little pueblo of over 40,000 people (with an incredible population increase of 60% in 10 years), and the beachfront stripe, you can see vegan restaurants, eco-chic bungalows, yoga centers, sensorial holistic Spas, gluten-free bars, freshly made smoothies, and much more. 

Everything around you seems to whisper: “Relax, be yourself!”.

But Tulum is the well-being location par excellence and the place where wellness lifestyle real estate can find its greatest expression.

What Is Wellness Real Estate?

People are realizing how lifestyle and external environmental factors affect their well-being.

So, they are increasingly seeking wellness-enhancing solutions in their daily lives.

The Wellness lifestyle real estate, which is today a key industry within the global wellness economy, is a relatively recent concept.

It means buildings designed and constructed with the residents’ holistic health in mind, to improve their quality of life.

Research by the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute organization showed the wellness real estate market has grown by an annual 22% on average during the last five years, with a strong speedup during the pandemic.

It is a sector that has tripled its residential projects in 5 years, reaching a huge worth of around USD 300 billion in the world.

90% of luxury property buyers consider extremely appealing real estate offerings that allow them to practice personal wellness (including meditation spaces, home spas, home gyms, and other similar amenities).

Nearly 30% of consumers would pay more for developments that prioritize wellness.

Is Tulum A Family-Friendly Location?

There are not so many options for a stand-alone family real estate offering.

Most of Tulum’s real estate buyers are investors looking for a passive income through vacation rentals. 

Or people from all over the world seeking a different and more relaxed lifestyle.

Many people buy their own land and build with their own design.

But the situation is changing.

In recent times, there are more options for those who prefer a brand-new home for only residential purposes.

3 or 4-bedroom apartments are now most common to find, especially in preconstruction.

An Example Of A Real Estate Focused On Wellness: CARDINAL

The opportunity to enjoy the wellness lifestyle that Tulum can offer to its residents is an increasingly successful trend among the new investors of this magic town.

CARDINAL, the new real estate development in the exclusive Aldea Zama Tulum, is an example on how to reach Tulum’s wellness community and exploit its unparalleled lifestyle.

CARDINAL’s concept is to put SLOW Living lifestyle, as a part of the personal well-being, at the center of the design, architecture, and amenities.

It incorporates many elements of the green/sustainable building movement that are changing the real estate world through innovative ways to conceive wellness-focused residential projects and communities.

Bioclimatic architecture, EDGE certification, and a community focused on slow-living lifestyle, are the key features of Cardinal. 

Be relaxed and enjoy nature comfortably is the simple mantra in Cardinal Slow Living.



Wellness real estate is a concept that is getting more and more into people’s buying choices.

Our homes and the surrounding environment directly affect our daily lifestyle.

Since the place where we live is our most important personal investment, it’s only natural that it should also affect positively our health and wellbeing.

It is time to consider our homes as an investment in our wellness.

And Slow Living as a status symbol!